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Private Detective Services- India


Ascon Detectives Network is one of the famous private detectives network in India, our corporate office is in Delhi, Ascon is group of detectives, we have special team for according to handle cases like matrimonial cases, criminal case, gourd or cheating cases, business surveillance cases. 

We have special woman detectives cell for handle some special cases like to know extra marital affairs and such other cases.

Ascon Detectives agency is India's top detective agency, They are best and professional detectives, they provide 100% correct information and do not miss guide to their customers.


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Ascon Detectives Network Pvt. Ltd.

                                                              Mr. Sanjay Kapoor

                                                        Mobile +91-9810545352
Corporate Address:
K-128,210-Ranjeet Sadan,
Mohammad Pur, Bhikaji Cama Place,
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Contact Nos :
011-32938109, 011-32938110

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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Important Instruction for family safety

Ascon Detectives always help the society to protect them when your family & children are alone at home or traveling. Our police is also doing awareness on these subjects where we found that Delhi is not safe for women and kids. If you follow these basic instructions and guide your family about these instructions your women and children will feel safe and secure as police can’t help you on every moment.

 What we need to do for children safety: 

  •  Accompany your child with someone when husband & wife both are going out.

  •  School bags should bear the name, address & contact no of parents.

  •  Try to memories your residence phone number to your child.

  •  Take your child along with you when you are going out for market. 

  •  Raise hue & cry on your child forcibly taken by strange person / persons.

 Please don’t do for children safety 

  • Minor girls should not be left in custody of neighbours or relatives, as you can’t trust anybody 

  • Do not share Address and telephone No's with strangers. 

  • Tell your child that he/she should not disclose on telephone of being alone at house. 

  • Never sent your child alone to Cinema, halls, park or market. 

  • Child should not take eatables from strangers. 

 General security guidelines for your family

  •  Always be alert and vigilant about strangers, tell your children same and do not open door without satisfaction. 

  • Put a magic eye and a chain on the main door 

  • If possible keep a pet dot at your home 

  • Ascertain the identity and particulars of electricians, plumbers, postman, painter, domestic helps and other similar persons. 

  • Watchman should be active, provide him torch, whistle and wooden stick he should be advised to remain in touch with local police and beat officials. 

  • Switch-on one light when you are going out 

  • Important telephone numbers should be kept on a convenient place or multiple places. 

  • Connect your house to neighbour’s house with a alarm bell. 

  • Your windows and doors should have strong grills. 

  Please don’t do for your safety 

  •  Do not talk to strangers and never believe in them 

  •  Do not take lift from unknown persons • Do not hesitate to shout or scream on being harassed 

  • Do not go any friend’s home without informing parents. 

 Important Phone No. Always save in your mobile and kept on a convenient place. Control Room : 100 Children Safety Cell : 1098 Women : 1091 & 011-24121234